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Zhangjiagang HengLi Forging Co.,Ltd is located in the Zhangjiagang with advanced economy and beautiful scenery,with Huning highway and Yanjiang highway across the town,enjoying a highly convenient traffic.
Zhangjiagang HengLi Forging Co.,Ltd was established in2000,occupying an area of over 60,00m2,with a building area of over 20,000m2 and a fixed asset of more than 100 million yuan.Presently,there are over 10 engineers and professional technicians,over 20 testing sraffs,and more than 200 management personnel and skillful operation technicials.It owns the forging equipments and matching electric heat treatment furnaces like 6,000 tons'free forging hydraulic machine,8 tons'electro-hydraulic hammer,6 tons'electro-hydraulic hammer,3 tons'electro-hydraulic hammer, 1 ton and 750kg's air hammer,and is equipped with over 100 special equipments such as 10m (CKX53100-100 heavy single-arm CNC vertical lathe),5m(DVT5000 25/32 dual-column vertical NC lathe),4m(DVT4000 20/32 dual-column vertical NC lathe),2.5m(C5225E 16/10 heavy vertical lathe),2000×000mm, 1000×000mm and 1250×500mm horizontal lathes,T160 NC boring-milling machine,3080×5mm radial drilling machine, cleaning machine and steel-stamp machine,etc,to provide the customer with maching service from forging to machine process.It can manufacture and process all types of forging roughcasts,finished products and semi-finished products with the weight below 50 tons of cake class,ring class, cylinder class and axis class,etc,among which the export products accounting for 50% of the total yield.As for the forging of the material like stainless steel,duplex stainless steel,high-grade stainless steel,nickel-base alloy,high alloy steel,and low temperature steel,it has mature and perfect process of production and testing as well as experience.Meanwhile,is has a good knowledge of the standards and requirements as well as highly mature manufacturing process of ASTM materical.Meanwhile,it has established a long-term collaboration with quite a few large-scale enterprises both at home and aboard.
 "Your satisfaction is our pursuit!" HENGLI Company will continue following the people-oriented principle,give priority to quality management,seek development through quality and stick to hte business concept of taking the customers'satisfcation as the final goal.Through creating "HENGLI" brand,establishing the enterprise image of "HENGLI forging, top quality".HENGLI will provide excellent service to both old and new customers as before.
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Add:Southern Part of Xiaojiazhuang Village,Houcheng,Jingang Town,Zhangjiagang,Jiangsu,China
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